7th Heaven was a band I was in from 1990 to 1991 in Sevierville, Tennessee

Seventh Heaven, L-R: Me(vocals, keyboards), Cathy Mayes(bass, vocals), Tim Maines(drums), Dale Phelps(guitars), & John Mayes(guitars).: 7th Heaven was a good band, but we never got it off the ground. I met the band when I was a studio musician laying down a piano and sax track on their music when they were called Starrkross. They called me one day and asked if I would like to be their keyboardist and also sing. I joined and we worked up some good material. 7th Heaven was a band leaning toward Christian Rock, but not all of the members were Christians. I think that we never agreed on the direction so the band broke up. The drummer, Tim Maines, and I left to form Tangent. But we did record an album which was never released. It had some very good songs on it, including the first recorded version of "No More Rain" (later recorded by Tangent on "Machine"), "Can You Fly?", "Time", and "Rocker". If I can get in touch with John and Cathy, who have the DAT, maybe I can get it transferred to CD and put it on the MP3.com web site so that people can order that thing.

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