My List Of Favorite Bands (Rock, Jazz, Etc.)

I like music. I always have. I can't listen to a song anymore without seeing the chord changes in my mind (yes, I said SEE). These are the bands that really have influenced me over the years, the bands that have caught my musical attention when there was so much dross out there. You won't find any rap groups or punk bands on here (sorry folks, I'm sure there are sites out there that cover that). These bands are special to me and they are listed in no particular order. So with all that being said, here's the bands I really like:


1.  Rush  (best albums:  A Farewell To Kings, 
    Hemispheres, 2112)
2.  Dream Theater (Images & Words, Change Of 
    Seasons, Awake)
3.  Queensryche (Operation: Mindcrime, 
    Rage For Order)
4.  Black Sabbath (Sabotage, Vol. 4, Live Evil, 
    Mob Rules, H&H)
5.  Ozzy Osbourne (Diary of a Madman, Blizzard of Oz, 
    Speak o/t Devil)
6.  Kiss (Destroyer, Love Gun, Psycho Circus, 
    Alive, R&R Over)
7.  Genesis (Lamb Lies Down On Broadway, 
    Seconds Out, Duke)
8.  Metallica (Metallica, Ride The Lightning, 
    And Justice For All)
9.  Great White (Great White, Once Bitten, 
    Twice Shy, Recovery Live)
10. Toto (Toto, Farenheit, IV, Hydra, 
    Past to Present, Dune Soundtrack)
11. Mahavishnu Orchestra (Vision of the 
    Emerald Beyond, The Inner Mounting Flame)
12. Yes (Yessongs, Close To The Edge, Fragile)
13. Styx (Grand Illusion, Crystal Ball, 
    Pieces Of Eight, Equinox)
14. Led Zeppelin (Presence, Physical Graffiti, 
    II, IV, III)
15. Scorpions (Blackout, Animal Magnetism, 
16. Pink Floyd (Dark Side Of The Moon, 
    The Wall, Wish You Were Here, Animals, 
    Meddle, Ummugumma)
17. King's X (Gretchen Goes To Nebraska, 
    Out of The Silent Planet)
18. Soundgarden (Louder Than Love, Badmotorfinger)
19. Journey (Captured, Infinity, Journey, 
    Next, Departure)
20. Elton John (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, 
    Live in Australia)
21. Extreme (Extreme, Pornograffitti)
22. Skid Row (Skid Row, Slave To the Grind)
23. Aerosmith (Aerosmith, Toys In the Attic, 
    Rocks, Get Your Wings) 
24. Angel (Live Without A Net, Helluva Band, 
    Angel, Sinful)
25. AC/DC (Powerage, High Voltage, 
    Highway to Hell, Back In Black)
26. Allman Brothers Band (Fillmore, 
    Eat A Peach, brothers & Sisters)
27. Axe (Axe)
28. Frank Zappa (You Are What You Is, 
    Lather, Zoot Allures)
29. Kansas (Leftoverture, Point of 
    Know Return, Kansas, 2 4 the Show)
30. Blue Oyster Cult (Spectres, Agents of 
    Fortune, On Your Feet...)
31. cheap trick (In Color, Dream Police, 
    Live At Budokan I & II)
32. Tori Amos (Boys For Pele, Crucified, 
    Little Earthquakes)
33. Boston (Boston, Don't Look Back)
34. Bad Company (Desolation Angels, 
    Straight Shooter, Bad Co.)
35. Eagles (Hotel California, Desperado, 
    On the Border, Live)
36. Electric Light Orchestra (On The Third Day, 
    Ole'ELO, II, El Dorado)
37. Foo Fighters (The Color & The Shape)
38. Alice In Chains (Facelift, Dirt)
39. The Beatles (White Album, Revolver, 
    Abbey Road, Let it Be)
40. Foreigner (Foreigner, Head Games, 
    Double Vision)
41. Ted Nugent (Weekend Warriors, Double 
    Live Gonzo, CatScratch Fever)
42. Montrose (Montrose, Paper Money)
43. The Who (Who's Next, Meaty Beaty Big & Bouncy)
44. George Winston (December, Summer, Winter, 
    Autumn, Ballads & Blues)
45. Jethro Tull (Live, Too Old To Rock & 
    Roll And Too Young To Die)
46. Alice Cooper (Love It To Death, Go To Hell, 
    Welcom ToMy Nightmare)
47. Iron Maiden (Number of the Beast, 
    Seventh Son,Killers, IronMaiden)
48. Galactic Cowboys (GC, Space In Your Face, 
    Machine Fish)
49. Def Leppard (On Through the Night, 
    Pyromania, High & Dry)
50. Jackson Browne (Runnin' On Empty)
51. Jay Ferguson (Thunder Island)
52. Gary Wright (Dreamweaver, Light of Smiles, 
    Touch & Gone)
53. Guns & Roses (Appetite for Destruction, Lies, 
    Use Your Illusion 1 & 2)Spaghetti Incident sucked!
54. Wild Cherry (Wild Cherry)
55. Foghat (Fool For the City, Rock & Roll, 
    Live, Stone Blue, Foghat)
56. The Tubes (What Do You Want from Live, 
    Completion Backwards Principle, the Tubes)
57. REO Speedwagon (Live Go For What You Know, 
    REO Speedwagon)
58. Twisted Sister (Stay Hungry, You Can't 
    Stop Rock & Roll)
59. Steely Dan (Can't Buy A Thrill, Aja, Gold)
60. Whitesnake (Slide It In, Whitesnake, 
    Live In the Heart Of The City, Restless Heart)
61. Thin Lizzy (Jailbreak, Black Rose, Street 
    Fightin', Live)
62. Sammy Hagar (9 on a 10 Scale, Standing Hampton, 
    Musical Chairs)
63. Survivor (When Seconds Count, Vital Signs, 
    Eye of The Tiger)
64. Riot (Narita, Riot Live)
65. Starz (Violation, Coluseum Rock, 
    Attention Shoppers, Live In Action)
66. Dixie Dregs (Dregs of the Earth, Unsung Heroes,
    Bring Em Back Alive, What If, Night of the 
    Living Dregs)
67. Sea Level (Cats On the Coast, On The Edge)
68. Al Di Meola (Elegant Gypsy, Kiss My Axe, 
    Tour de Force)
69. Peter Frampton (Frampton Comes Alive)
70. Stanley Jordan (Standards Vol. 1, Flyin' High)
71. Enigma (MXMXC A.D.)
72. Pearl Jam (Ten, Vitalogy)
73. Judas Priest (Screamin' For Vengeance, 
    Stained Class, Jugulator)
74. Krokus (Headhunters)
75. Queen (Night At the Opera, Day At The Races, 
    Queen, II, Jazz)
76. Triumph (Never Surrender, Triumph, 
    Just A Game, Allied Forces)
77. UFO (Lights Out, Strangers In The Night, 
78. Head East (Flat As A Pancake, Head East, 
    Get Yourself Up)
79. Van Halen (VH, II, Fair Warning, Van Halen 3)
80. Tesla (Mechanical Resonance, Psychotic Supper)
81. Bride (Snakes In The Playground)
82. Phil Collins (Face Value, But Seriously..., 
83. Jimmy Buffet (A1A, Volcano, Greatest Hits, 
    Son Of A...Sailor)
84. Pat Travers Band (Live! Go for What You Know, 
    Heat In The Street, Black Pearl, 
    School of Hard Knocks)
85. Manfred Mann's Earth Band (Roaring Silence, 
    Watch, Batchain Puller, Nightengales & 
    Bombers, Chance, Angel Station)
86. Stevie Ray Vaughan (Live Alive, Couldn't 
    Stand the Weather, Soul To Soul)
87. David Foster (The Symphony Sessions)
88. Stryper (Soldiers Under Command, 
    To Hell With the Devil) 
89. Bloodgood (Live In America 1 & 2, Bloodgood)
90. Dokken (Breaking The Chains, Tooth Nail & 
    Claw, Under Lock & Key)
91. Bad English (Bad English)
92. Brand X (Brand X)
93. Y&T (In Rock We Trust, Yesterday & Today, 
    Live, Struck Down)
94. Crosby Stills & Nash (Black Star, Live)
95. Fleetwood Mac (Fleetwood Mac, Rumours, 
    Box Set-the chain)
96. Nazareth (Hair of the Dog, Expect No Mercy, 
    Greatest Hits)
97. Elvin Bishop (Struttin' My Stuff)
98. Dio (Last In Line, Dio)
99. Rainbow (Long Live Rock & Roll, Back To Earth, 
    Rainbow, Live, Difficult to Cure)
100. Ambrosia (Life Beyond L.A., Ambrosia)

You got that?  Sorry if I left off any other 
cool bands but that's my own top 100 in no 
particular order.


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