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I get a little carried away so please forgive my language in advance.


We can never please the world. Who f---ing cares?! Let's stop trying to be the buddy of every nation that wants to cut off our cajones and get to work to get our country stronger than ever. Let's cutoff financial assistance to any country with any ties to any organization that harms or threatens U.S. citizens or interests. If you listen to some of the political elitists (i.e. - The Clintons, the Kennedys, the Kerry's, the (fill in the blank with a Democrat or some Republicans) they would have us all serving those dumbass United Nations people. The U.N. is UN-American.


Terrorism is like a sick cancer that starts out small and is just an irritation. It becomes a major problem and if left untreated, it can cause the whole organism to fail (e.g. - die). You have to treat it. I would treat terrorism like this: stomp the living shit out of them. Also, I would financially choke them by boycotting terrorist sponsoring nations such as Syria, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, the Hamas-led PLO, and while we're at it, let's include those pussies, the French!


Here we are dependent on Arab oil to a large degree. We have oil resources in Alaska (one of which is ANWR in the Northern part of the state). We can't use it because the democrats (socialists) say that the Republicans are destroying the environment. F*%$# the environment! There is NO scientific evidence that the ozone layer is threatened (or affected) by any gases we humans may release. There is no evidence that oil drilling will adversely affect the environment in Alaska, Texas, or Florida. As a matter of fact, I think the whole issue of the "environment" is a liberal democrat pose used to try to make the right wing look bad. John McCain, who calls himself a republican (ha!), tends to throw himself in with the liberals a little too much. Liberals! They fight any independence the U.S. might attempt. They are the ones threatening the U.S., not the oil producing The democrats are a bunch of pro-homosexual, anti-normal noisemakers who seem to be trying to make this nation into a socialist utopia rather than a decent free place to raise a kid. People who vote for the liberals are not voting for the ones who will represent their All-American ideals and values. They are voting for people who are looking to do away with the constitution and who would prescribe immorality upon our children. The soiclaist-democrats seek to make this a one-world government. Why else would they always say stuff like, "well, taxes are higher in the U.K. so we should raise our taxes," or the all-time favorite "they did away with guns in Europe so we should too." If they were true Americans, they'd stop playing party politics and just do what's right for the country...and that goes for the Republicans, too by the way. Whose family is in the oil business?


OK here's the difference between the political parties: On a continuum, it goes from liberal to conservative. Liberal means that the government liberally exercises its power over the private lives of the people. Conservative means that the government conserves its power over the private lives of people. Republicans are more liberal than libertarians (I learned this from my good friend and mentor, Bob Stubblefield).




Politicians are the ultimate in liars. They lie and believe their own lies. I've been told that you can't take the politics out of politics. That's like saying you can't take the crap out of the toilet. I believe that there are good people who want to do the right thing in our nation (Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians, etc.). Unfortunately they are overshadowed by the elected criminals that serve only themselves. In the U.S. it has become fashionable for all the political parties to try to pass legislation with hidden legislation right smack dab in the middle of it. Crooked bastards! This government is "of the people, for the people, and by the people", not "on the people, to the people, and at the people". I believe that the government should have as little involvement in our lives as could be possible. I believe we need some way to pay to run our government, but income taxes and property taxes are not acceptable. Sales taxes are better, especially taxing imports. I feel that legislation is the wrong approach to issues such as abortion, censorship, and other "personal choice" issues. Instead of making laws that are controversial, it should be up to the individual to make the choice for themselves. If they are morally wrong, then the choice will have its moral consequences (e.g.-hell, damnation, karma, etc.). That socialist Ted Kennedy recently commented that the democrats have to stop the individualism in our country and urge people to act as parts of movements instead of as individuals. Ted, you can kiss my sober ass, you sot!


OK, the Patriot Act I'm not too crazy about, but then I'm not crazy about terrorists coming down on us. He's been pretty OK I think. Gotta work on this NAFTA thing, dude! And the development of domestic oil drilling! We've got to get off the Arab Tit! Oh, and today I heard that Bush signed into law a new anti-indecency thing regarding the network TV companies. How does Janet Jackson's titties warrant so much attention and domestic oil drilling isn't worth fighting for? Janet's titties (as firm and perky as they might be) don't fill my gas tank up and they don't buy my kids' clothes. C'mon Bush, oil! Gas! Leave her titties alone!


This is your war...this is your war on drugs. If somebody wanted to make a fast buck all they have to do is come up with something saying it catches dope dealers. It won't have to work as long as the public thought it was a worthwhile thing to have. Our federal, state, and local governments are all in this thing where they get so much money to make it look like they are fighting the "War on Drugs" but all they are doing is blowing alot of money. Not to mention the home drug testing kits (pretty expensive little buggers too), the drug abuse awareness programs, the do nothing drug treatment programs (not all of them are bad but some are "psychiatric facilities where the dopers get prescribed...PILLS!!), and of course the fines in sessions court and probation programs. The best thing anybody ever did about drug abuse recently was to ban OTC sales of psuedoephedrine in some staes (needs to be banned in all states). Meth ain't just your basic feel good drug. I don't support legalizing drugs but I think sending a troop of armed psycho rednecks out to raid Billy Bob's personal patch of weed is a little over the top. I don't smoke anything or drink anything these days but I do think that the government's money and energy could be expended more effectively on other concerns.


It seems to me that our country is truly under assault. If this is some idiotic act of someone here in the U.S., then I say they bring the person to Tennessee, let us take them on one of our mountains, and then we would tell some of the local rednecks that this individual has been hurting children. Those rednecks will rip this individual limb from limb. If this is a terrorist from another country, then let us take these individuals to the mountains and let them walk around with their turbans and robes. Not only will they get raped by the bears, those rednecks might get some sick thrills too before they finally gutshoot the lousy SOB's. Actually the real enemy is our political correctness that some idiots try to enforce. In my opinion, we are at war with some of the ARAB nations and the Islamic fundamentalists. No beating around the Bush!!! Let's be honest... they hate our guts and would all love to see the Red White & Blue in the dirt. So until they realize who bought their lunch for so long, let them suck oil!!! Oh, and Cindy Sheehan is an idiotic bitch.


OK, I don't hate muslims. OK, got that? But I do think it is my DUTY and my RIGHT to state my opinion that I think we are at war with ISLAM, especially the extreme factions of ISLAM. Until we recognize that this is not a war against reasonable political organizations, but a war against unreasonable ISLAMic religious fanatics, we will continue to be off the mark fighting terrorism. Right now, the most dangerous terrorists are ISLAMic. Arab nations are wising up and doing something about the nutcases in their countries, except for Iran, Palestine, and Syria, which are seemingly just nations of nutcases as far as I can tell.


I think NAFTA was the worst idea! How many factories and other companies in the US have moved their operations to Mexico? Alot. How many jobs have been lost in the US? Alot. Who got screwed? The working man in the US. Who got rich? The factory owners, the upper management and the stockholders. I guess they want us to believe that was good for us. What a crock of caca! That was a republican (George Bush senior) idea and the democrats loved it. I wasn't much of a fan of George Herbert Walker Bush (George W.'s daddy). Funny thing is, now the Democrats are talking of getting rid of NAFTA. I hope they do. But I'll still be a Libertarian. George W., take note, you gotta protect the blue collar and not just the white collar! It don't trickle down fast enough, brother.


I believe in God. I was raised in a church-going family (I know, sometimes my mouth gets out of control). I attended a Baptist college. But I had to figure out for myself why I believed in God. I travelled across the country and I saw pain and suffering everywhere. But I also saw beauty in the people, the land, and the spirits of communities. I believe in God now because I know for myself that He exists. Not because some bozo with a plate to pass on Sunday morning told me that I should. God is real for me. You'll have to do your own searching. If you're a Christian, read the Bible for yourself. If you believe in another faith, also do your searching. If it don't work, keep looking for what does work (Jesus works pretty good for me in spite of my MANY shortcomings). I found Christianity (not religion but spiritual Christianity) worked best for me when I quit expecting God to do for me what I could do for myself and when I quit trying to do for myself what only God could do. If you don't believe in anything, then I feel for you and your bleak existence. However, that is your choice and I do not like fanatics of any kind going around trying to steal others' rights of expression and thinking. Nothing turns me off more than some narrow minded well-intentioned idiot trying to convince me that something I do is wrong (they may be right, but I'll figure it out eventually). They can make their point and then they can kindly get the #$%! out of my face. Yeah, pray for me, I need it.


The Bible says it all: "Whatever you do unto the least of them, you do also unto me" (words attributed to Jesus Christ). Hell awaits you, child killers and molesters, but you can be forgiven. Check into Jesus. Email me, I'll tell you all about Him. Otherwise I think you should be tortured worse than any terrorist should.


Well, we beat the State Income Tax in Tennessee (for now). I hope we can keep it beaten down. I hear alot of whiny democrats say that they would rather pay an income tax instead of tax on goods and services. That's because they don't work and they will get it back at tax return time (even though they never paid in a dime). Those of us who work and earn a decent living won't get it back. Who says being rich is bad? Only poor people bitch about rich people. If you earn it, it should be yours. Liberals talk alot about poverty and unfairness of not having a chance. I'm gonna puke. The only poverty in our country is because of drug abuse or alcoholism (or lately, people who have long commutes to work). In the old days, the Church used to take care of poor people by feeding them and getting them on their feet again, but the Liberals told them they can't do that anymore because it's the State's job to "take care of everyone". Aint that a big crock of $&!#!! Now the churches spend all their money on bigger churches, bigger budgets, and bigger cars for the pastors. This isn't all churches, just the ones with all the $$$. I'm sure some of them are pursuing a real burden for people and are doing God's work. Sometimes when I hear people say they are pastors, it's like hearing some strapping young man say he "draws a disability check". Get a job. I'm not rich like you'd think of the word rich, but I am rich in that I have a house to live in, a car to drive, a family that I love, and a nation where I can get a job and do something with myself to make me feel like I made a difference. If you don't have a nation to live in like that, then either move to the U.S., or if you live in the U.S. and you feel that way, then goodbye, you lazy freeloader.


Never...ever...forget. It might be you next time.


I love it. Talk radio, especially Neal Boortz, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Mike Reagan, Mike Savage, G. Gordon Liddy (whom I had the priveledge to meet once), and all the rest. Funny, I never hear any democrat talk radio because democrats can't defend their liberal B.S. on the radio. While I'm not a republican, I sure feel safer listening to them try to tell the TRUTH!!! Don't get too smug, though, republicans. I think we should verify the truth before we buy into it. By the way, Ted Nugent rocks! He does some conservative talk radio and he is da man!


Gun control sucks. Look who instituted gun control on their subjects: Hitler, Mao, Mussolini, Stalin. It worked for them. People kill people, whether it be with guns, knives, or Cadillacs. Do you hear people wanting to ban Cadillacs because they can wipe out more pedestrians than a GEO Metro? Of course not. Why would they want to ban guns at all? The criminals aren't buying their guns at the local Shoot'n'Shells. They get 'em on the streets where anything is for sale if you got the bucks or the power. The tragedy at Columbine High in Littleton, CO was certainly a sad incident. However, most schools in the USA are safe (or at least as safe as the schools were that I went to as a youth nearly 20 years ago). I heard today that a man killed five people with a hammer. Where are all the hammer-control lobbyists? When the schools start acting like schools instead of psych wards or prisons, the students will stop reacting and they will start acting like students. There was a shooting in Virginia and the suspect was apprehended by two private citizens who had guns of their own. The suspect would have escaped had they not taken action to catch him. The liberal press would never tell you that part.

ON INSURANCE COMPANIES These bozos in the insurance industry want us to pay more and more all of the time. For what? I recently bought a used car and I was told that because I didn't have insurance on it before that I had to pay a higher premium. HELLO!!! It wasn't mine then! I was driving my wife's car prior to that and she had insurance.'s gonna be the downfall of us all. You hear that preachers? Teachers? Union leaders? Pro-sports atheletes? Politicians? Lawyers? Public Utility Companies? Actually, we should only blame ourselves for not raising enough hell on the elected officials who enacted legislation saying that we have to have insurance on vehicles. Don't vote for someone, complain about how bad things are, and then vote them back in the next time.


To each his or her own, but don't try to make me say I like it, and don't tell my kids it's normal. It's sick (and that's my own personal opinion) and my kids don't need to have that crap shoved down their throats. This isn't what our forefathers started this country for. Who you lick or touch in a sexual manner is your business as long as it is between two adults. But don't try to make my kids think it's OK because it is not OK in that forum. It aint normal! It's not a good thing. You weren't born that way, you were damaged in some way at one time or another in your development. God loves you and so do I and I aint afraid of being around you. I'll even hug you but I don't want you to tell my kids that this is normal. And that teacher that got the sex change operation, talk about confusing the children. He'd never teach my kids. Can you say FREAK?!!!


Why do we not have a domestic oil program going? It's there but it isn't being developed. Why do we pander to the oil producing countries and the foreign (British, Japanese, and Western European) owned oil companies? Is Washington telling us the whole story? They better be or by golly somebody's head will roll. I understand that George Bush set aside a large amount of money to develop a hydrogen powered engine. I hope that works. Wouldn't it be great to see the terrorist nations go broke because they can't give oil away?!

ON IMMIGRATION We all came from a heritage that originated somewhere else (even the American Indians, who came from Asia. But now, we speak English here in the U.S. Entiende? No offense but the official language should be ENGLISH! Like it or not, we incoporate other languages into our all the time anyhow. I enjoy Mexican food and I have learned some Espanol in order to hear what they say when they walk away from my table. I can't follow them still, but I could converse with them in a slow conversation. Still, although it's fun to learn Spanish in my opinion, I prefer English. I went to France in 2004 and got lost. I asked for directions all around (I was looking for my hotel after getting off the Metro at Montrose in the Arab district). Nobody understood English but when I used my weak French ("parlez-vous Anglais? No? Merde!") I finally got someone who could pick ouot what I was trying to say and he pointed me in the right direction. I shouldn't have left my group at the Eiffel Tower (but come on 25 Euros to go up in the tower? That was like $50 in 2004!). My point is that I shouldn't expect the French to understand me so why should the Hispanics or the Pakistani cab drivers or Indian hoteliers expect me to understand their language? It's not discrimination, it's just America!!!


When I was a kid, we had knives at school. We played mumbleypeg and we whittled sticks for fun (we were pretty boring). Some kids took guns to school to show off in shop class (not a good idea but not a malicious thing either). We did listen to radical music (yeah, I had all the Kiss bubblegum cards). We dressed funny (I had a Kiss T-shirt and belt-buckle). We did make comments about blowing up the world (we saw it on the news everyday). We did watch violent movies and TV shows (Roadrunner, Pink Panther, etc.). But we got our butts busted if we got out of line by our parents. Today the government has guards at school to enforce the peace. No more knives or guns (OK, I'm allright with that). No more radical music (the government continues to try to legislate and control our music). There are dress codes now in most schools (come on gimme a break, at least make it a rule you have to wear cheap clothing from K-mart or Dollar General Store! I can't afford to buy my kids alot of these clothing items!). Kids can't make little adolescent comments (they are adolescents, you know. Not criminals, but kids). The government frowns when we spank our kids (mine gets it whether she needs it or not....just kidding). But the greatest insult is when the government took away the best things our kids had going for them: Saturday Morning Cartoons! Now everything has to be educational (i.e.-boring and not a close competitor to the cool cartoons on cable and video). Gone are the great Bugs Bunny cartoons and other cartoons that made us laugh when one of the characters got stomped into the ground. Now we've got all these "science-guy" shows and zoo-shows (if I watch another one of those animal shows I'll puke!). They only make them so that the Discovery Channel will have something to show after 3 a.m. anyhow. Anyhow, the government should mind their own business. The government is not a service organization, it is purely for the operation and representation of the interests of the people. Although I am a social worker, I am not a socialist. My kids need to learn as much or more than I did. Let us pray for the teachers so that they will lead our children rather than fear them. Where there is trust, there is respect.


I was raised by two great parents. They encouraged me to develop my own style and ideas. They disciplined me by spanking me and giving me other consequences. I was never beaten. I was fed and had clothes and shelter. So why is it that so many kids in this country are beaten and sexually abused? Why don't the vigilante groups stop focusing on racial differences and political differences and start going after the scum that hurt children? I know, that isn't the answer. But what is? The law protects the abusers so well that not even the social service agencies can adequately protect the children. Lawyers! That's the problem. Shakespeare was right. Oh, and Hillary, it don't take a village. It takes a family.


I don't have all of the answers. I just have mine. I may find that tomorrow, my answers won't work for me so I'll have to look some more. I like to read and I could recommend some great books to help you look for answers:

"Jonathan Livingston Seagull" by Richard Bach
"One" by Richard Bach
"Child Across the Sky" (or any other book) by Jonathan Carroll
anything written by Max Lucado
if you are into this sort of thing (I loved it),

"This Present Darkness" by Frank Peretti
"Piercing the Darkness" by Frank Peretti
"Prophet" by Frank Peretti
The "Left Behind" Series by Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins (read them in order)

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