Glassheart & Maxx...basically the same band with different bassists!

I joined Maxx after being invited by singer Mark Smith. The previous keyboardist was about to quit, as was the bassist and the drummer. We practiced at Planet/Goldenstar Studios, where we recorded our material. Unfortunately, the bassist, Neil Jones, chose to record all of the keyboard, drums, and some bass parts using midi and keyboards. In other words, the keyboard and drum parts were not us on tape, it was a computer. We all grew to dislike Mr. Jones a great deal and after a year or so, he was on the streets. We replaced him with Walter Moore, vocalist with the band the Innocent Ones, who could play about any instrument. We went on to do some great shows in the Knoxville area. One cool March night in 1990, I got a weird phone call.

I was told that our equipment was stolen. I lost all of my keyboard rig (Korg DW8000, Kurzweil K1000, Akai K3-R, Roland S-330, and Korg RK-100...and a violin I never quite had learned to play). The entire studio was gone. It was not insured either. The drummer didn't lose anything. Neither did the bassist. The guitarist lost an amp. We went on to do one more show with used equipment we purchased. then the band disappeared. I have some theories about where that equipment went but I'll never know. I just pray that the persons who took it are dealt with by God in whatever ways He sees fit.
L-R: Kelly Smith, me, and Walter Moore, of Glassheart, 1990, backstage at Rumor's.: We had alot of fun but our equipment was stolen so we broke up.
Me acting like an idiot (what's new?) during my days in Maxx (which was to become Glassheart).: All of this equipment as well as our manager's (Todd Whitaker) stuff was taken by a lowlife scum. The band consisted of me on keyboards, sax, & vocals, Mark Smith on vocals, Kelly Smith on guitars, Tommy Jackson on drums, and Walter moore on bass. At one time or another, the band also included Scott Evans on keyboards, Greg Gibson on bass and guitar, Lynn Phillips on bass, and David Evans on drums.

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