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What A Hard Wild Trip It's Been So Far
Saturday, 19 July 2008
Rebirth of Tangent
Mood:  celebratory
Now Playing: Rush - A Farewell To Kings
Wow, been awhile since i've been up here.  kinda makes me dizzy but then I remember that it's a virtual space.  So I am only virtually dizzy.

Yes, it's true.  The band Tangent is back up and running.  I got together with drummer alan Kane, bassist Lynn Phillips, and guitarist Roy Woodson and we jammed a little.  We wrote a song or two and then we talked about naming the band.  Why not Tangent, since half the band used to be in Tangent.  Made sense to us.

Now we are in the process of learning the old songs all over again.  "Flesh of The Soul", "Doubting Thomas", "Show Us Your Tits", all those songs.  Now we add new songs, "Moab" about the idol worshipping heathen being driven out of the Promised Land by Israel back about 1500 BC or so.  Then we have a song called "If Only" about wishing things were different in life.  There is "A Taste of Lacey" about wanting to go down on a girl named Lacey (I don't know Lacey, just a name we pulled out of our hats s to speak).  And we have "Late For My Funeral", "Tongue Bath", and other songs about sex, life, love, sex, and even some songs about sex.

We hope the show is as fun as the original days.  We used to be irreverent and funny in our perverted metal humor.  Then we got serious in the mid 90's and we lost the fun part.  The band broke up and now, 12 years later, we are reforming to bring you the craziness, the lustfulness, the insanity, the nakedness, the.... well you get the drift. 

I will continue to play keyboards, sing lead vocals, and do an occasional harmonica solo, acoustic guitar part, and maybe even play a sax solo on a song once in awhile, but do not expect me to apologize if I offend anyone.  I HOPE I offend someone.  We may want to do a disclaimer saying that if you are easily offended then you should leave and go home.  Tangent is not for you.  We have always had topless drunken women at the shows and I hope that doesn't change (although 12 years may bring some gravity to the situation I am sure...I don't care, show 'em and be proud.  I like 'em anyway you can show 'em!).

Come and see us, or just see us.

Jim from Tangent

Posted by tjnuchols at 10:46 PM EDT
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