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    I have been a heavy metal rock musician, a drug & alcohol counselor, a social worker, and a telephone salesman. I was even a department store santa and a volunteer fireman at one time or another. I was the Program Director for a drug deterrent program in the schools (2002) in Scott County, Tennessee, and I worked for the Tennessee Dept of Children's Services before I left in 2007 to escape their abusive harrassing histile work environment (they need to be investigated). I am now a medical social worker. I'm writing screenplays (with my writer friend, R. Gary Patterson) and a novel. I'm a BMI writer & publisher, and I have released a few CD's (no longer available) with my bands Tangent, Glassheart, Vessel, and 7th Heaven. Other bands have recorded my music (The Knoxx Roxx Revue, Vessell [after I left the band])and I hope to have more artists record my latest creations (more on this below). I play keyboards, sing, play saxophone, harmonica, bass, and guitar. I am currently performing in bands Tangent (reformed after a 12 year break) and Audio Blitz (a cover band that plays in the Knoxville, Tennessee area).

I'm a believer in Jesus (I'm not always perfect and I'm not always right), a Mason (Past Master, 32nd degree, hot sands), and I'm married to Trish. We have 2 daughters, Audrey and Ashlyn. I love my country and I uphold the constitution of the United States of America. I enjoy reading horror & suspense novels, sci-fi too. I love to listen to Hard Rock, Jazz, Classical (symphonic and individual instrumental, sometimes choral masses), and blues. I have been writing alot of soundtrack stuff for films that have not been made, but now I finally have one in a film. There is a film entitled "Paul Is Dead" which was released in Russia on July 16th, 2005 and a song I co-wrote with Gary Patterson, "Shadow Man", plays at the end credits. I have a B.S. in psych from Cumberland College in Kentucky, I'm halfway to my M.A. in Educational Psych. at Tennessee Technological University, and I'm a licensed alcohol and drug abuse counselor (I was Nationally Certified too but I let that one go). I have been in the following bands over the years: Albatross (1976), Phoenix (1978-1979), March (1979), Fragile (1980), Mystik Force (1981), Trixx (1982), Chantz (1983), Vandal (1984-1985), Mariah (1985), Vessel (1986-1987), Maxx (1988-1989), Glassheart (1989-1990), Seventh Heaven (1991), Tangent (1991-1995, and lately in the present since May '08), Vessel (2001-2003), Usual Suspects (2001-2004), Slow Joe Crow (2004), and I've been done some shows in 2005 with a band called the Todd Likens Band but I am not a member of the band. I think taxes suck and we should try to eliminate property & income taxes to keep us free. Screw the socialistic liberal mindset (see "AS JIM SEES IT" below).

Famous people I've met: Stryper, Jerry Garcia, Paul DiAnno, George Lynch, Michelle Pfiefer, Steve Camp, Mark Farner, Bloodgood, Joe English, John Schlitt, Firehouse, G. Gordon Liddy, Terry Bozzio, Steve Morse, Rod Morgenstein, Andy West, T. Lavitz, Asphalt Ballet, Larry Gatlin, Mercury Morris (NFL footballer), Woody Shaw, Jimmy Swaggart (seriously), Mike Matjevic (singer for Steelheart), Michael Damian (well, he is famous and I did meet him), Mike Bruce (former Alice Cooper guitarist), Leon Patillo, Bryan Duncan, Rick Cua, Margaret Becker, Little Jimmy Dickens, Phil Keaggy, Shawn Colvin, Darrell Mansfield, Jamie Oldaker (drummer for Eric Clapton, Ace Frehley, Bob Seger, Peter Frampton, etc.) and some near run ins with Metallica, Ronnie James Dio, Ted Nugent, Robbin Crosby of Ratt (we threw him a demo of our Vessel songs), Wild Cherry's drummer (never caught his name), King Diamond (came to a gig in Arizona to spit on our stage), and Grady Nutt(RIP). I had some correspondence with Shayla LaVeaux (my favorite porn star).


JOURNEY (Departure Tour, 1980, Knoxville) with LEROUX and HEAD EAST
DIXIE DREGS (Industry Standard Tour, 1981, Knoxville) with HEAD EAST and CHEYENNE.
DEF LEPPARD (Pyromania Tour, 1982, Knoxville) I can't remember the opener.
VAN HALEN (Diver Down Tour, 1983, Knoxville) with AFTER THE FIRE.
RATT (Invasion Of Your Privacy Tour, 1984, Knoxville) with BON JOVI.
JUDAS PRIEST (Screaming For Vengeance Tour, 1983, Knoxville) with HEAVEN.
BLACK SABBATH (Mob Rules Tour, 1982, Knoxville) with DOC HOLLIDAY
OZZY OSBOURNE (Bark At The Moon Tour, 1984, Knoxville) with ACCEPT
OZZY OSBOURNE (No More Tears Tour, 1992, Knoxville) with SEPULTURA and ALICE IN CHAINS.
FOGHAT (1992, Knoxville)
FOGHAT (1994, Knoxville)
MOTLEY CRUE (Motley Crue Tour, 1994, Knoxville) with TYPE O NEGATIVE.
TORI AMOS (1995, Knoxville).
RICHARD MARX (1990, Repeat Offender Tour, Knoxville) Can't remember the opener.
WHITESNAKE (1990, Knoxville) with KIX.
METALLICA (Black Album Tour, 1991, Knoxville) No Opener.
GUNS 'N' ROSES (Use Your Illusions Tour, 1991, Knoxville) with SKID ROW.
AC/DC (1991, Money Talks Tour, Knoxville) with KING'S X
STRYPER (In God We Trust Tour, 1989, Knoxville) with LILLIAN AXE.
STRYPER (To Hell With The Devil Tour, 1987 Phoenix and Tuscon) with PAUL DiANNO's BATTLEZONE and VESSEL.
DARRELL MANSFIELD (1987, Phoenix) with VESSEL.
ASPHALT BALLET (1993, Knoxville) with TANGENT.
MUZZACHUNKA (1993, Knoxville) with TANGENT.
INTRUDER (1993, Knoxville) with TANGENT. SUPERDRAG (1994, Knoxville) with TANGENT, SAGE, NAILED, JADA BLADE, and others I can't remember.
EVERY MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE (1995, Knoxville) with TANGENT, NAILED, and other bands.
The REGULATORS (1992, Knoxville) with TANGENT.
HEART (1985, Heart Tour, Knoxville) with SAGA.
REO SPEEDWAGON (1983 Tour, Knoxville) with 707.
MEGADETH (Symphony Of Destruction Tour, 1990, Knoxville) Can't remember the opener.
KENNY WAYNE SHEPHERD (Lie To Me Tour, 1993, Knoxville) Opener I Can't Remember.
JAKE E. LEE (1994, Knoxville) No Opener that I remember.
STEELHEART (1992, Knoxville) Opener unremembered.
EVERY MOTHER'S NIGHTMARE (1992, Knoxville) Opener Unremembered.
PETRA (1986, Back TO The Streets Tour, Phoenix, AZ) with DeGARMO & KEY
GEORGE WINSTON (1988, Knoxville) No opener.
PAGE & PLANT (No Quarter Tour, 1995, Knoxville) Opener Not Remembered.
SCORPIONS (1991, Knoxville) with GREATWHITE and TRIXTER.
RUSH (1997, Counterparts Tour, Nashville) No Opener.
WINGER (1990?, Knoxville) with EXTREME
SAIGON KICK (The Lizard Tour, 1993, Knoxville) with The SCREAM.
AEROSMITH (1994, Knoxville) with BROTHER CANE.
STYX & KANSAS (1996, Knoxville)
SASS JORDAN (1992, Knoxville). Opening band not remembered.
SHAWN COLVIN (1989, Knoxville).
and I'm sure I've forgotten alot of them (plus all the "nobody"(nobody is a nobody) shows I've done with other local bands in Knoxville, Phoenix, and elsewhere)!

2004 Patterson Nuchols Project (go to http://www.download.com/PattersonNucholsProject for free downloads)

CONTACT ME at jimnuchols@yahoo.com

  here's Jim


My wife, Trish, is gorgeous and she is the brains of the family. She is a Certified Nurses Aid and she is an independent Mary Kay beauty consultant. She has her B.A. in Art from Lincoln Memorial University. She is also a great mother and a musician in her own right (flute). She is a great painter (surrealism) and even better pen and ink artist. She is a great cook, too.

Our oldest daughter, Audrey, is taking an guitar lesson from her old Dad. She plays flute too. She loves cats and making noise. She's in the tenth Grade. She loves punk rock and will probably start her own band someday. Her favorite bands are Green Day, Simple Plan, Avril LaVigne, Good Charlotte, Avenged Sevenfold, and Hawthorne Heights. Audrey has a sister who was born in April 2000, Ashlyn. She's in the third grade. Ashlyn is into rocks, Hannah Montana, horror movies, and painting. Ashlyn may be a singer or a drummer, but she has her own guitar too (but she broke mine so I guess it is hers now too). Get ready for a band in a few years! Her favorite bands are Hannah Montana, Jo Jo, Jesse McCartney, Green Day, Avril LeVigne, and Hillary Duff.


All of my friends are rowdy rock and rollers. There's Charles (or Chaz as he likes to be referred to). He's a bassist and was in Tangent Machine with me. He's married to Jen and they live in Knoxville now. They have a little one named Ethan.

Also there is Roy Woodson, the guitarist. Roy is jamming up in the mountains still with his wife, Rita. He is a member of Tangent, in a new incarnation along with me and a couple of other guys (Lynn Phillips and Alan Kane). Scott Gross is a drummer whom I've played with all over the country on the road. He is in a band called Slow Joe Crow, and they are playing again. He also was playing with the Todd Likens Band in the Knoxville area. I played with them but I needed to do my own thing.


I like to read Stephen King, Clive Barker, Peter Straub, John Grisham, Terry Pratchett, Nancy A. Collins, Michael Crichton, Jonathan Carroll, and about anything, really.
The latest book I've been reading is an oldie (sort of): "The Holy Bible". I'm reading the Bible with commentary from none other than Jimmy Swaggart. Actually believe it or not, I'm liking it and I think Jimmy is right on most of the time.
I like to listen to music, my favorites are Dream Theater, Rush, Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath, Kansas, Dixie Dregs, old Genesis, Kiss, Tesla, Queensryche, and Led Zeppelin. I also like Avenged Sevenfold, Foghat, Foo Fighters, Scorpions, Jet, Jimmy Eats World, and anything that rocks. I like jazz too, especially Mahavishnu Orchestra, The Dixie Dregs, John Pattitucci, Al DiMeola, Jan Hammer (old stuff), Coltrane, Jean Luc Ponty, and Weather Report. I also like the old Ellington swing stuff. Classical music? Well, I like choral stuff, especially acapella stuff. I like Bach, Beethoven, and Berlioz. I like Tartini, Saint Saens, Orff, Respighi, Mozart, and Dvorak. I also like the modern classical stuff like Stravinski, Mahler, and Copeland. I like the blues too. I like John Lee Hooker, Robert Johnson, and I like the new blood, like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny Lang, and Kenny Wayne Shepherd. I like other stuff too. Like George Winston, Kevin Braheny, Clark Family Experience, and Enya. Sometimes, if I'm real tired and I get weird, I have been known to listen to bluegrass. Don't tell anybody. I think alot of the new country female artists are hot although I can't always enjoy their music.
Last CD I bought: "Raisning Sand" by Robert Plant & Allsion Krauss. Last Concert I went to: Simple Plan and Bowling for Soup in 2006. Last movie I saw: I've got HBO so who can afford movies now?

I like movies. I like photography and I have, in the past, taken nudes, stills, and concert photos. I haven't been into that much lately. In July '04 I went on a ten day visit to London and Paris and I took alot of great pics. I'll get them up here one of these days (I still haven't gotten around to it). I had a blast.

I love to eat pizza, Mexican and Italian food, and I love Chinese too. Heck, I'll eat about anything. On a trip to London a couple of years ago with some teenagers, we went to Tiger Lil's. Awesome! I had stir-fry with squid mixed with chicken and shrimp. Topped off with some very spicy (muy caliente) oils and seasoning. I'll go back just to eat at Tiger Lil's!

I like driving and travelling across the USA. Like I said, I recently visited Europe and boy did I have a good time. But I'm happier to be back home! I haven't been to New York, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Montana, Idaho or the New England States (just fly-overs), but I've been to about all of the other states. I'll get there. My retirement plans (someday when I'm old...ha!) include buying my wife and I a set of Harley-Davidson bikes and heading west. Might run into Jim Morrison out in the desert somewhere.

I've lived in Illinois, Tennessee, Kentucky, California, & Arizona. I loved all of those places but Tennessee keeps drawing me back. GO VOLS!!!

Finally, I'm a songwriter. I write different types of songs, but mostly rock & pop songs. I have been working on a symphony piece for a few of years (and it's still not even close). I scored music for the Cumberland College Jazz Workshop in 1985 and for a jazz project in Knoxville in 1994 (which didn't get recorded). I have received honorable mention in the past in songwriting contests (in other words, my songs weren't good enough but they didn't suck either). I have written a country song or two, which sounded surprisingly good considering that I am not a big fan of country music. Vessel recorded three or four of my tunes in Phoenix, AZ in the early '90's. One of my songs was recorded by a guy named Johnny Pauley and one for a band called Southwind. I write three or four songs a day and have a back-catalog of thousands. Some are even good. My friend Gary Patterson and I record frequently in his home-studio. We're going to get a band going soon when ouor proposed bass player's wife lets him come out and play. By the way R. Gary Patterson is the author of three books, "The Walrus Was Paul" about the McCartney is dead thing, "Hellhounds On My Trail: Tales From The Rock & Roll Graveyard" about the dark side of rock & roll's casualties and deals with the devil, and his latest called "Take A Walk On The Darkside: Rock & Roll Myths Legends and Curses". He is presently working on two or three more books but I'll let him tell you what they are (check out his website below). They sound really cool. Gary and I have recently had a song to be included in a film project which I mentioned earlier. We have more songs and more films coming up but I hesitate to say just yet. Suffice it to say that you will be hearing some of our songs on some TV shows soon. Check out the link below to download some of our original music. See him also on VH-1 Confidential from time to time. Check out his website below.